Tuesday, December 19, 2006

just some shouts

A shout to everyone who supported me, particularly all those major tech blogs :). Granted hardly anyone clicked on the links in the posts, the name "wii joystick" echoes in everyones head >=D.

A special thanks to

Jinghao Yan of Originxt.com for putting up ads on my site and taking half of what I make from my own hardwork. You suck!

The creators of http://www.skullgirls.com because any indy doujin creator is my friend :).

selectbutton.net and insertcredit.com

and anyone else who posted about me and didn't mention anything about how grotesquely large the stick is.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For those just visiting, photos and videos can be found on earlier posts. Click here for the action.

But anyways, to the right is a photo of our robotics team, team 604. It's a photo from 2005 so there are more members now, well still maintain the even ratio of girls to guys which is rather interesting. You can see me second from the upper right. I'm not very photogenic if you can't tell. As you can see from the photo, we took first place at the regionals in Portland. Oh 'twas the days. Our website can be found at http://www.lelandrobotics.com

Half the money from the auction will be going to fund robotics much like the ones in the photo. We hardly have enough money this year to enter just our first regionals, and we would really like to enter nationals which is another 5 grand. That, of course, does not include the cost to build the robot. So please bid generously :). And honestly, have a heart. Can you not see the urgent need for money on our faces? Doesn't it just create a burning desire to sponsor us. To give us money? So please bid! Alternatively, contact me (chippermonky at gmail dot com) if you would like to donate or sponsor our team directly. We are always looking for sponsors.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mutual Sponsorship program

Edit: For those of you who just want to bid, click here for the auction.

Ah, first, for anyone who is just visiting this blog. Please scroll down to either the post just before this one, or the very first post to find out what this is all about. The first and second post have photos, the third post has videos and information on the ebay auction.

But as the title implies, I'd like to propose the mutual sponsorship program :). Essentially, post my wii joystick on a forum/blog/myspace/whatever, and then leave a comment with your alias and location where you posted it. In turn, I'll give you a shout on my blog.

Special thanks to Kotaku.com, Shoryuken.com, gizmodo.com, insertcredit.com/selectbutton.net for already posting about my joystick.

And thanks to everyone for looking :).

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Joystick + Video... Now on Ebay.

"Now, be the first on your block planet to own your very own functional joystick for the Nintendo Wii!"
- Albert Einstein

As we can see. Albert Einstein was truly a man ahead of his own time. Yes, the joystick is up on ebay. Notice the subtle message on my first post hinting that this holy grail joystick would be available? Eh eh? Pretty trixy I bet your thinking. So please help pay for my soul surgery by bidding on the joystick.


But actually, I'm a little bit more generous than that. Really, I owe a lot to my School's robotics team as that's really were I developed an interest for wood and metal working. And since entering annually into the FIRST robotics tournament (usfirst.org) costs us 6 grand for basic entry fee and then another 5 grand for nationals, and about twice that to build our robot, we're desperately in need of money. Thus, half the profits I make from this sale will be donated to our Robotics Team. 604 FTW.

Ah yes, so I suppose I should answer some questions about the joystick:

  • Yes, I did make the joystick.
  • It is made out of wood, but the paint makes it feel almost like plastic.
  • The parts are all Sanwa parts (most popular arcade parts manufacturer in Japan).
  • The Joystick has an octagonal gate on it, but I can change it to square if I feel that masochistic urge overcome me.
  • There are 8 full digital buttons mapped to A B X Y L R (on top) start Z (on back) ignore the fact that the video says there are 7. It lies.
  • The bottom is metal covered with felt, the entire Joystick weighs about 10 pounds.
  • Cable has been extended to about 12 feet which is plenty long enough.
  • Joystick functions for all Gamecube games that take digital input (Ikaruga, CVS2, fire emblem, etc), all N64 games that take digital input (are there any on VC right now?), all SNES, NES, Genesis, PCFX, and other non-analog VC titles (which means basically, all VC titles except N64 ones...)

So as promised, here is the video of the joystick in action. pardon me for messing up on the lighting and pardon me even more for sucking balls at Wario Woods and CVS2 and finally, flog me for being ugly.

Finally, I'm thoroughly disappointed that no one has contacted me about sending me a free classics controller.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Two more photos

     On a piece of Orange German "Chamois" cloth because I spent 2 dollars at the "As Seen on TV" store to buy it with the understanding that it would contain some secret of life. I'm beginning to suspect I've been hoaxed.

     I will upload video as soon as my computer stops BSODing me. So for now, here are too photos which serve more justice. Notice my exquisite juxtaposition of my euphoric Wii Joystick with the shoddy rubber-band tied cable. It is art in the works I tell you.

Monday, December 4, 2006

More juicy pr0n

Starring me, playing with my big wii joystick, coming to a vlog near you!

And thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm a bit busy right now, But I promise I'll answer all questions soon :).

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wii Joystick

So I've had the pleasure to work on a Nintendo Wii and Gamecube compatible joystick prototype and I thought, to start off my blog, I'd share let you guys take a look. It's currently functional on both Gamecube and Wii. It has a japanese style joystick and, for now, hooks up to my wii through the gamecube port. I'm happy it's done because I myself, along with others I hear, prefer arcade controls over game pads. I took a spin with Fire Emblem, Capcom vs Snk 2 and Ikaruga for Gamecube (played on my wii) and then two virtual console titles, Wario Ware and Solomon's key. I have to say, it's absofreakinglutely awesome, too bad none of you can use it :)... For now.

Maybe I'll upload a gameplay video if you guys are nice :).

P.S. (I admit, I don't actually own a classics controller, because they are sold out (big surprise). Anyone want to send me one :)?)